By Carmine Chiriacò

Carmine Chiriaco Portrait

Carmine Chiriaco Portrait

Carmine Chiriacò is a self-educated photographer based in Rome, the place where his passion for photography started in 2014. His remarkable work is a depiction of reality as he perceives it and also a mean of portraying his own layered reality. Carmine’s passion for photography comes from narrowly observing the everyday life on the street; he is most interested in capturing what it is beyond the scenes happening in front of his camera, thus revealing us the unique and sophisticated visions on the urban surroundings. The combination of the multiple and long exposure techniques is successfully mastered by Carmine in his admirable photography and the results convey the impression of detailed overlapping sketches of the beautifully chaotic (but still organized!) composition.


Manhattan by Carmine Chiriaco

Manhattan by Carmine Chiriaco

“My passion for photography comes from watching everyday life going by on my street; therefore, Henri Cartier-Bresson would be my pick. Not just because of his great photos, but because his approach to photography which was to walk down the street, to photograph the reality and seize the right moment. This has really inspired my photography. Another photographer that I like a lot is Alex Webb because of his extensive use of colour, light and emotions to create beautiful and complex images. After reading an article, I found out and enjoyed the works of a contemporary artist and photographer: Grant Legassick, the inventor of the technique Multiple Exposures Composites. It’s his work that nowadays inspires the most of my last photos. It’s a common technique used by many photographers.”

Flatiron by Carmine Chiriaco

Flatiron by Carmine Chiriaco

Through photography I try to communicate the emotions that I am feeling in that moment, to the observer. My aim is to tell a story each viewer can experience, and allow him to see the world through my eyes.”













Abu-Dhabi-skyline by Carmine Chiriaco

“Photography gave me the opportunity to meet, personally or virtually, other talented and extraordinary people with whom I share my passion. Photography motivated me to travel a lot and to discover new places and different cultures. Photography is not just a hobby for me, it’s my world!”

Read the full article on Lens Magazine Issue #36 

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