“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

My intent is to create fine art photography. I always felt at home in the nature there for it is not surprising that my photography gravitated towards natural environments from my very first intentional photographs. I was never really interested in documenting what I see. In my first photography project I had to create a series of images depicting ‘a sense of place’. Inspired by the story of Peter Pan in Kensington gardens, I created a set of garden magic images, shooting in my back yard. The more I photograph, the less interested I am in showing reality as it is. It is the boundaries between what is real and what can be imagined that excite me. Exploring the definition of “real”. The intersection of nature, mystery and art.

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FVR0624--The-pine-forest GIR0060---Boungavilia PFR0038E---The-passion-flower-1 PFR0054---The-passion-flower-2

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