An Interview with Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz

The Colorful World Of  Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz

Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz, one of the most familiar, talented photographers on the known photography site, starring with 20k followers and over 1 million times views in his portfolio. Lives and works in the south of Spain, has an aesthetic very charming touch in his work, colorful and gentle. We asked him few questions about his beautiful macro photography.
Hello Alejandro, Please tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi, my name is Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz and I’m from a town in Cádiz, Spain, I am 36 years old and I have been posting photos from 2012. At that time I also started to post images on 500Px, it made a big wave and people really liked my photograph, it opened many doors for me. I love photography in general, but I mostly the macro photography, above all, I enjoy preparing the environment and looking for nice insect in sight. I try to pass on my photos a small world full of bright colors of the small creatures.

Did you go to school to learn photography? No, everything I have learned has been self-taught, although I’m still learning. It took me about four years to be devoted only to the macro.

How will you describe your style? My style is always characterized by colorful, very bright and cheerful, where I always like to include water, to draw more attention.

What do you think is the most difficult about being a photographer?
For me these are the nights without sleeping, searching of the perfect processing, as the photos need to be well processed forward to achieve the desired result.

What kind of digital cameras do you use?
My team is composed of Nikon D90 Sigma flash and a lens, Raynox 250, it is very basic but effective.

What is your favorite accessory of photography, apart from your camera? It might sound like a joke, but my favorite tool is the flash diffuser that I’ve built, since thanks to it I get a very nice light. I’d say that this is the big secret of macro photography, It’s all about how the subject treats the light.

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