Aner Gelem

“I have choose the medium of photography to lead my artwork, as it allows me to express the most in terms of reality perception, creation of reality truths through discussion, involving the photography and photographic technology as the subject itself. In my work I deal with portraits and assembly of complex compositions.
The world has gone through so many upheavals and changes in the recent years In both terms of content and conduct, speed data generation and vast amounts of information which are released every second to the open air and shared with whoever one can, wherever possible in the world, causing me to think about our culture, making me wonder about the connection between a human being and a place. A connection which seems to get weakened, Revealing that global technological village has become our new habitat.
In my work I try to explore the possibilities , trying to assume an alternate reality , perhaps unfounded ,perhaps closer than ever. part of my work›s concept focus in using new techniques and technology , if in photography itself or in the form of editing.
Just as the technological developments changes slowly the world order , I try to play a role, create different connections between cultures, a view that could not possibly exist in the past but can be realistic in the future. I use objects in contrast to their original purpose, and highlight residues of tradition in this world, which is growing to be industrialized and western so fast. “

Read The full Article On Israeli Lens Magazine Issue#1 

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