ASHER GIBEL. Old Tel Aviv, 1970


Black And White Tour Of Old Tel Aviv, 1970

Photography hooked around the age of 23,
I have always seen this kind of media magic, taste (if changed over the years), has not expired, Even less pleasant parts such as road film in the dark, were tired at the same time, (I paves the film wardrobe, closed with little air, the sweat dripping all over the place), but the reward was the development of printmaking, when the figure latent of silver halide began to appear out liquid development murky.
It can be said that this occupation is called photo, at least the aspects of time that the photographer was also the laboratory, a profit margin quite a sense of control, you also handle the calculations, materials, weight, and classification, temperature and time, and try to guess the final score print, unlike today that the interface is intuitive, and everything is done with the help of computer software.
Read the full article on Israeli Lens Magazine issue#9 Cultural Photography

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