The Gold List by Art Market Magazine
Arles 2017 full coverage on Lens Magazine Issue 34
Mathieu Willcocks on Lens Magazine
Allan-Kliger Lens Magazine Issue 34

Allan Kliger. Emotional Moments.

Jimmy Nelson. Cultural Photography.

Marco grob. The Wild Side #17

Lee Jeffries. Street Photography.

Sam Droege. Super Macro Photography.

Filip Wolak. Nightlife Photography in NYC

MIGUEL VALDIVIESO. The Big Black&White Issue #15.

BOOGIE. Life in the city. Issue #18

Brooke Shaden . Thw Wild Side #17

SIGAL MIZRAHI. Let the music play. Issue#16

Adriana Soares. Special Interview. Issue#16

Dr. Akira TAKAUE. The Big Black&White Issue#15

Paul Zizka. Night&Nightlife Photography. #14

Water Underwater. Issue #12

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Jakob Wagner. Urban Photography.

Marius Vieth. Street Photography.

Ekaterina Belinskaya. Fashion Photography.

Michal Solarski. Cultural Photography.

Mozes Nachumovich. Portrait Photography.

Ohad Romano. Fashion Photography.

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Assaf Gavra .Wildlife Photography.

Photography Magazine. Magazine Cover. Lens Magazine Documentary Photography Issue 35 PUBLISHED!

About Photography

Father & son, Brian & Ross Cartwright, Griffin Woodhouse Ltd, chain makers, the Black Country, Cradley Heath, Sandwell, England, 2010. Copyrighted © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos. All rights reserved
23 JANUARY 2018

Exclusive Interview with MARTIN PARR

Exclusive Interview with MARTIN PARR PRESIDENT OF MAGNUM PHOTOS INTERNATIONAL by Allan Kliger Martin Parr, born May 23, 1952, has become one of the leading photographers of our generation. He became a documentary photographer at the age of fourteen. He cites his grandfather, George Parr, an amateur photographer and fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, […]

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Allan Kliger on Lens Magazine
19 JULY 2017


EMOTIONAL MOMENTS by Allan Kliger “Emotion – We all know what emotion is, don’t we? Or rather, we know what it looks like when we see it in someone else, and we know what it is when feeling it ourselves. There it is. That word. Feeling. It’s inextricably tied to emotion, to the emotive state. […]

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Joel Meyerowitz Camel Coat Couple in Street Steam, New York City, 1975.
18 JULY 2017


SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH JOEL MEYEROWITZ BY SEBI BERENS   JOEL MEYEROWITZ Born in 1938, New York, United States. Lives and works in New York, United States. With his career beginning in 1962 and with being famous for his complex compositions, you can be sure that the American color photography master, Joel Meyerowitz, knows how to […]

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17 JULY 2017

ARLES 2017 Exhibitions Coverage

ARLES 2017 Exhibitions Coverage by SEBI BERENS What an opening week! The capital of the Camargue, Arles opened up the “Rencontres d’Arles” 2017. The summer photo festival in the South-East of France takes place since 1970 and presents more than 40 exhibitions in the heart of the city. As the British Journal of Photography stated, […]

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19 MAY 2017

An Interview with Mathieu Willcocks

An Interview with Mathieu Willcocks Photojournalist/Photographer WPP Prize: Spot News – Third Prize, Stories By Anne Pinto-Rodrigues Mathieu Willcocks was born in Paris in 1988 and grew up in Hong Kong. He started in photography after an internship at the VII Photo Agency in Paris in 2012, during which he started shooting assignments for The […]

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18 MAY 2017

World Press Photo Festival 2017

World Press Photo Festival 2017, Amsterdam Coverage & Interviews By Anne Pinto-Rodrigues The very first World Press Photo (WPP) Festival, that ran from 20th to 22nd April 2017, at the Company Theatre in Amsterdam, saw inspiring talks by prizewinners of the prestigious 2017 World Press Photo Contest, heartbreaking images of targeted people and wildlife, and […]

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19 JULY 2016

8 Tips&Tricks for Seascapes photography

8 Tips&Tricks for Seascapes photography 1. Timing It sounds cliche but timing is everything. Especially when seeking to photograph beautiful seascapes. Sure, you’ve heard about the importance of timing in other genres of photography, but seascape photography is time-sensitive in ways that differentiate it from other types of photography. Time of day- You can take […]

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17 JULY 2016

Useful Equipment for Seascapes Photography

Useful Equipment for Seascapes Photography Seascapes are about sky, water, the physical dynamics of the points at which they meet, reflections and mirror imaging and most of all, the unique qualities of moisture-filtered light that one can only find where sky meets water. The coastline has long been a favored location for photographers, and – […]

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26 JUNE 2016


EROTIC&NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY The origins of the history of nude photography lie in the so-called “academies“, which provided painters, graphic artists and sculptors with study objects in the 19th century and which followed the historical artistic models of Classical Antiquity and the Renaissance. Nude photography soon increasingly became emancipated from being a […]

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26 JUNE 2016

SEXUALITY In Photography

SEXUALITY In Photography “Without any doubt, there is nothing which draws the attention of the observer to it so much as the naked human body“ – Kurt Freytag, Journalist And Photographer, 1909 Erotic Photography — has captivated artists, theoreticians and consumers for over 150 years. Prior to 1839, nude renderings were namely produced via drawings, […]

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