Allan Kliger

17 AUGUST 2017

March of St. Nicola by Allan Kliger

March of St. Nicola by Allan Kliger “I’ve never actually met David Alan Harvey. We came to know each other several years back. I had become familiar with his work and the agency he works for, Magnum. He’d been an accomplished National Geographic photographer, leaving them to beat to his own drum. His style of […]

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Allan Kliger on Lens Magazine
19 JULY 2017


EMOTIONAL MOMENTS by Allan Kliger “Emotion – We all know what emotion is, don’t we? Or rather, we know what it looks like when we see it in someone else, and we know what it is when feeling it ourselves. There it is. That word. Feeling. It’s inextricably tied to emotion, to the emotive state. […]

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18 MAY 2017

HOME by Allan Kliger

HOME by Allan Kliger “It was May, 2014. A Magnum Agency workshop in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with Magnum photographer Abbas leading. As part of Fotografia Europea 2014, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia had invited several Magnum Master Photographers to participate in a series of activities, presentations and workshops. I was one of those selected to […]

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