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20 JUNE 2017


THE FIGHTING FORCES OF THE TOWER BY TARIRO WASHE Washe acquired a Higher Certificate in Photography at Vega and as National Diploma in Professional Photography at City Varsity, Cape Town, South Africa. In 2014 Washe exhibited in a group exhibition titled ChanceSubjects/ DelibrateObjects at 6 Spin Street Gallery in Cape Town. In 2017, she held […]

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19 JUNE 2017

LAYERS by Àsìkò

LAYERS by Àsìkò Àsìkò is a visual artist who expresses his ideas through the medium of photography and mixed media. He was born in London, England and spent his formative years in Lagos, Nigeria and adolescent years in London. His work is constructed in the narrative that straddles between fantasy and reality as a response […]

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ILONA D.VERESK_Bloom_ on Lens Magazine
18 JUNE 2017

Ilona D.Veresk – Fantasy Dreamy World

Ilona D.Veresk – Fantasy Dreamy World ILONA D.VERESK , Fashion advertising and fine art photographer based in Moscow. The start of my career: I was born in Izhevsk (Little city of Russia) in 1993, where I finished art lyceum. When I was 17 years old I moved to Moscow to make my dreams come true. […]

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Nina Pak on Lens Magazine Issue 33
17 JUNE 2017


NINA PAK Nina Pak has more than 30 years experience as a professional photographer, starting with film and then digital media. She is also a wardrobe stylist, set designer and hair stylist. These skills developed out of necessity, and are credited to Dreamloka. Nina has had the pleasure of working with many gifted designers in […]

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25 MAY 2017

HOME By Mossi Armon

HOME By Mossi Armon Home is perhaps the most basic thing in our lives, yet it is an abstract concept with various feelings and sentiments involved: Feeling at home, longing for home, memories from home, a taste of home and so many more. For some people their home is their castle, for others a temporary […]

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25 MAY 2017

… And Let Us Fall Apart by Catalin CROITORU

… And Let Us Fall Apart by Catalin CROITORU I am a fervent subway user in my city. Not because I was “convinced” by the transportation company’s ads (that are saying something like “Travel by bus or by metro and save our Planet”…), but because is much faster than covering the same distance by my […]

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24 MAY 2017

House of Fantasies by Omri Shomer

House of Fantasies by Omri Shomer “Come on, you have to come”, said Elad Poterman, chief producer and a member of RD&D games in Israel. “It’s unlike anything you knew”. Elad is responsible for the Live Action Role Playing (LARP) event, called “Castle Forged”, where people in a wide range of ages live in fantasy, […]

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18 MAY 2017

Danakil Desert -The Home Of The Afar Tribe

Danakil Desert The Home Of The Afar Tribe By Neta Dekel The Danakil Desert is a desert that stretches across 100,000 square kilometers in 3 countries: northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea and northwestern Djibouti. With its active volcanoes and extreme heat, daytime temperatures that surpasses 50 °C (122 °F), and less than an inch of rainfall […]

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18 MAY 2017

HOME by Allan Kliger

HOME by Allan Kliger “It was May, 2014. A Magnum Agency workshop in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with Magnum photographer Abbas leading. As part of Fotografia Europea 2014, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia had invited several Magnum Master Photographers to participate in a series of activities, presentations and workshops. I was one of those selected to […]

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20 JULY 2016


FRANCISCO MATA ROSAS ‘Centro Habana’ Francisco Mata Rosas (1958, Mexico City/Mexico) received a degree in photo-journalism early on in his career in photography. Since then his photography has been published in various works including some that are well known here, like The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. His photography has also been […]

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