Born 1991, Holon, Israel

As a result of a bleak period I went through, I started to document myself and my family, while examining my body, the relationships I have and the struggles I deal with. For me, photography had become a way for self-expression, through which stories of family, the self and intimacy could be told.
Photography has turned into a psychological journey that has helped me clarifying aspects of my personality that were otherwise hidden, blurred or simply invalid in the reality Im a part of or in the encounters I have with my surroundings.
I attempt to build a more intimate alternative, which aims to be closer to human emotions and relationships, while also observing the catharsis behind these emotions and trying to make them valid in a reality that doesn›t always allow so; a reality of unattainable standards of beauty and mental strength.

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Danielle-Malka_Her-blue-flannel Danielle-Malka_Mirror Danielle-Malka--her-binder Danielle-Malka--my-Mother-and-I-are-watching-TV


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