Denis Kravtsov-xme1All began in my 8 year birthday, in Russia, I got my first camera ever’ it was “Belomo Agate 18k” old lomo film camera.
When we arrived in Tel-Aviv in 1994 with my family, I started to use in the first time, my small film camera. After a couple of years, I discovered that the frame I took was really good.
At this time I started to interest in Digital Graphic and Electronic music.
I bought my first digital camera, second hand, from my friend, it was “Minolta”and it was awesome! I took a lot of photos and took the camera always with me.

After my Service in the IDF, my dream was to get a DSLR Camera and this dream came true very fast.
I started to learn myself Digital Photography and made a lot of experiment photos, for understanding what can I do with this camera. My photos became in a better quality and more interesting.
The really interesting part began when I started to learn to edit Digital Photos.

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Alien-Garage Liquid-Street Skyline-atidim street-gate

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