Edward Kaprov, was born (1975) and grew up in the Soviet Union.
He came to live in Israel in 1992.
A year after his motherland, along with its Utopia, disappeared from the world maps and seized to exist
Kaprov’s art based on documentary photography. He spares no effort and fears no hardships to get his story told in his photographs.
He focuses on the human aspects of political, social and cultural issues. Kaprov’s photographs are fully charged with emotion and expressions.
The human aspect plays a dominant role in Kaprov’s photographs.
He is working freelance with known magazines in Israel and abroad, such, “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC”, “GEO”, “MASA AHER”, “MENTA”, “KOMMERSANT”,. Also for weekly magazine extensions like “G”, “7Days”, “Musaf” and etc. Working with NGOs.

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