Eitan Tal

Eitan Tal


Eitan Tal is a fashion photographer based in Tel Aviv.

While still a student Eitan was named by “At” magazine as one of the five most promising young photographers in the Israeli Fashion world.
His work is often regarded as different, provocative and on the border between fashion and art.

His work is often sold by collectors at prices which, from time to time, reach to the thousands of dollars per piece.

Time Out magazine mentioned Eitan as one of the three most promising Fashion photographers in Israel in 2006.

Today Eitan is the house photographer for “La isha” magazine and is the lead photographer for the Israeli Beauty Queen competition.

Eitan’s clients include such magazines as “La Isha”, “At”, “Signon”, “Shiva Yamim”, “Belle Mode”, “Zmanim Moderniyim” and “Israel Hayom”.
Eitan has shot campaigns for the biggest and most successful fashion houses in Israel including “Pnina Turne”, “Danny Mizrahi”, “Elian Stolero”, “Na’ama Betzalel”, “Ronen Chen”, “Alenbika”, “Grip”, “Gazit” and “Castro”.

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