Erika Linor Kutzuk

A South Tel Aviv-based photographer and painter, who deals with her work mainly in social issues such as Inequality, racism, civil rights, refugees, the poor, women›s rights, sexism and more.
Her photography is an ongoing dialogue with her surroundings; a notoriously deprived area where social equality and justice is a wishful thinking.
It is inspiring to find in our time the combination between art and society, as a passion and a mission; a way of trying to change things around us.
Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability in ourselves and those around us, she examines the social definition against and alongside personal identity.
Her work therefore draws together the power of external and internal identities, and projects its influence on both spectator and artist.

Erika Linor Kutzuk – studied arts at Tel-Aviv University, studied photography in Jacob Bornstein›s Studio. In recent years created four solo exhibitions in Israel and the UK.

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