“Of all types of photography, nature photography is by far my favorite. It is the source of my first connection with the camera during childhood and it is closest to my heart.

In my work as a photographer, I let nature take center stage and believe that everything exists within it.
I am but a passerby walking “between the raindrops”, capturing the different dialogues through my camera lens; a dialogue between a tree and the wind, between the rain and the earth, between the fog and the mountain tops…
I enjoy being outdoors. I enjoy walking and soaking in the nature around me. I love the adventure of going out and searching for raw material and capturing that small spark of light that can only be found in this wonderful and breathtaking place called: “The Wild”.
Surprisingly, this same nature can also be found within the city. To best capture this, I prefer to venture out in extreme weather conditions. Conditions that are filled with drama, action, and magic. There I can capture nature in all its glory – in moments of presence and conflict: during a raging storm, a torrential downpour, heavy fog, or haze.

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