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“Thirty Seven Moments”

Photography for me is more than a passion, more than religion, it is my journey. One man, one camera, one lens, exploring the secret alleys, revealing the hidden stories of our amazing world.

My name is Guy Aloni, a worldwide street photographer based in Israel. My first experience with a camera started during the 90’s when I was serving in the Israeli security services. A film camera, hidden in a bag with an external push button located in my pocket. My biggest challenge was to try framing while the camera is actually far away from my hand. I have missed a lot of important frames not as a result of the gear quality or incorrect technique. Suddenly I realized that I need to change my relationship with the camera, I need it to be a part of me, a physical part that I can feel. I know that it was my first day as a street photographer. But back then I didn’t understand it. It took me several years to acknowledge it.

ONE of the essential concepts of street photography is called “The Decisive Moment”. The fraction of a second – the blink of an eye, where all of the essential ingredients of content, form, transient all merge into one frame. As my photography style, I chose to display people as the central theme in that moment, using the camera as a part of my body, to bring the viewer close enough to touch the scene, close enough to feel like a real part of that moment – where it all merges. My childhood was in a rundown neighborhood in Haifa, Israel, growing up in an area where people dealt with scanty means, mix of races and different religions. All were definitely a major factor in the photography style that I have chosen. It allowed me the ability to have an intimacy with the streets and its stories. This passion for photography, found a dignified place to express itself. In October 2016, I was chosen by the Israeli Museum to present a part of my work in the most significant exhibition in Israel called “Local Testimony” along with the “World Press Photo” exhibition. Even though It wasn’t my first exhibition, nor my first competition I think it was that special moment when i realized that my destiny is going back to the early 90’s. In the coming months I invite you to join me in my journey, share my secrets, ideas, concepts and techniques. But above all, I will reflect my subjective truth. Sometimes truth can be cracked or broken, yet I believe imperfection is the real beauty. The following frames were taken over the years in different locations around the world. I named my journey – “Thirty Seven Moments”.

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