GUY GEVA. On The Surface

On The Surface

I was born in 1973, and I’m
a photographer.
I have been practiced Art under the instruction of the artist “Shimon Avni”
I studied Theory of Art at the Open University of Israel.
And have a B.Sc. in Physics from Tel-Aviv University.
From 1992 I started using photography as an art.
My photography works includes nature and studio photography.
In my studio photography: I trying to search the time as it move through me
In my nature photography: I feel like home. Here I face by myself the strongest powers,
The hit of the desert or a blizzard.
Photography is to me not less challenging than facing the forces of nature.
I would walk days to find the picture I´m looking for, even if the road is difficult,
Over rocks and cliffs, even if it is during the night and I´m walking alone under starry night.
Despite all difficulty and effort, the final result usually express:
Tenderness, compassion awe and humility, and is accompanied by feeling of eternity,
That nature knows so well to give. When I´m in nature I feel vitality.
When I´m in nature I feel free…

Read the full article on Israeli Lens Magazine Issue #12 Water&Underwater Photography

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