Profile Picture GuyMy personal view of
a photographer is one that imagines the world through the lens. From the wider perspective of a colorful landscape, through people and subjects on the move, capturing feelings up to the smallest tears on
a child´s face.
Create your photography while enjoying every minute of the process is the essence of my art.
I was exposed to photography many years ago, as a kid, with a fully manual film slr where your greatest anticipation was for the few days time, that the film will be processed and printed. Since then the photography equipment evolved greatly, but you must stick to the basic techniques to get the best shot.
I love to walk around the city and capture the urban life and moments, especially the night time with the different lights.
“Life is like a photography,
we develop from negatives”
This analogy to life where you grow from your experience is so true for the photography itself, the more you learn and experience, the more art you create.

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