“With photography I am trying to create a new reality. Its quest for perfection, for impeccable light. And, as every quest, it will never end. Because, in a fraction of second everything changes, creating more and more impressive visual concept.
The most common perception is that photography is freezing the moment. I don’t believe in it. It’s much more than that.
Photography, as any other form of art is providing the basis for spectators to see what he desires to see. We just use the media of photography to aid people to get out of their mind borders, to use their imagination.
My happiest moment is when a visitor in the gallery or exhibition does not ask what I meant in specific photograph, but when I hear an explanation what he sees and that explanation differs from what I saw when I made the picture. Because every picture is a world by itself, it is not a moment, frozen in time. The perfect picture for me is when everybody sees something that clicks the button and this something is always different.”

Read the full article on Israeli Lens Magazine Issue #11 Still Life Photography

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