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Ilona D.Veresk – Fantasy Dreamy World

Ilona D.Veresk on Lens Magazine Issue 33

Ilona D.Veresk on Lens Magazine Issue #33

ILONA D.VERESK , Fashion advertising and fine art photographer based in Moscow.
The start of my career: I was born in Izhevsk (Little city of Russia) in 1993, where I finished art lyceum. When I was 17 years old I moved to Moscow to make my dreams come true. In my deep childhood, I always loved to look at the magazines and pictures in advertising, but I didn’t know what is “being a photographer” and what it can become my profession.
I started my way as a photographer about 3 years from now. Before this, I used to work with painting and matte-paint (creating collages from photos in photoshop combined with digital painting). It was a popular genre for filling cd-covers for music bands. It was an interesting thing and some revenue for that my age. However, now I prefer to create real decorations, I dress up my models with handmade props sometimes, as in the start of my photographic career. Most of the photographers started to study from shooting people who are familiar with yourself, I’m not an exception. My first models were my friends.
However, photography is a full-time job for me now.


ILONA D.VERESK_Bloom_ on Lens Magazine

Copyrighted To ILONA D.VERESK © All rights reserved

 ILONA D.VERESK on Lens Magazine

Copyrighted To ILONA D.VERESK © All rights reserved


“My path and inspiration: I started as a freelancer when I was 16 years old, it became a great experience for further life. Closer to my 18 years I started to travel to Russian cities and finally stopped in Moscow. This city inspires me, after all, boring things I saw before. However, I’m missing the nature, I’d love to see more beautiful places here: like wild forests under my window or small nice rivers and lakes, or giant fields, but I see gray boxes of houses around me. This way nature becomes my lead-motive in art. Surely, myths and fairy tales are a great pantry of inspiration too, but I’m not interested in the exact illustrations of dusty stories, it’s boring. I’m trying to mix my life experience with my vision and dreams. The introduction of modern elements, artificial and natural things, mixing different styles and concepts gives more freedom.”




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