Iris Ben-Yair

Iris Ben-Yair, 37, (Petach Tikva) Israel

“I have spent a third of my 17 years of adult life sitting fascinated in university classrooms, getting my BA in Cognitive Science, my BA in Theater Studies, and my M.Sc in Industrial Design and Ergonomics.
I spent another third travelling and exploring dozens of countries around the world – caressing white lions in Mauritius, diving with sea lions in the Galapagos, dancing with giant robots in Tokyo, making way for the eagles to take their part in the Tibetan «sky burial» ceremony in china, freezing on a mountain top while bathing in the greenish aurora lights in Iceland.
The last third was the most thrilling one, since it was the one that taught me that all I actually need in order to breathe properly is to write, to paint and to take photographs.
It was then that I learned that cognitive and ergonomic consulting intrigue my mind, that white lions are indeed rare and majestic as they sound, but that immortalizing the insects who fly into my balcony to take their last peaceful breaths is what expands my lungs, my soul, my heart.”

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