Ksu ShachmeisterI came into Photography from Fashion Design and because of Fashion Design. At the beginning it was only
a helpful skill, but later it became a passion and recently a full time job. Naturally, I’ve started with fashion shooting, but in the course of time I’ve found other subjects of photography not less exciting for me.
The portraits I’m presenting were created during other projects I did. There is something very powerful in catching features of the face, especially when the subject doesn’t know that it’s going to be a portrait. I found that when I’m photographing a portrait and the person knows it, then that person trying to “take on” its face some expression and keep it. But when the person doesn’t aware that it’s a portrait, it’s face much more natural and expressing the body’s stature.
In many ways humans is the most fascinating subject for photography. And I believe that in someone’s portrait you see the photographer’s portrait as well.

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