Lens Magazine – A New International Photography Magazine and Website Being Launched

Lens Magazine is proud and excited to announce its new venture as an entire international magazine and online publication, having formally existed as Israeli Lens Magazine, a photography publication based in Israel. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Israeli Lens Magazine from both home and abroad, the next logical step was to take the brand into a larger, more global accessible format – Lens Magazine.

Lens Magazine LogoLens Magazine will follow the same the foundations laid upon by its predecessor, aiming to unearth and showcase both leading artists and emerging talents alike. Anyone can contribute to the monthly publication, which covers the entire spectrum of photography – from the individual interpretation of a single concept explored in each issue from a variety of international artists, to handy tips and tricks for any amateur or aspiring photographers.

The newly established website, lensmagazine.net  , aims to build a community of passionate photographers from all walks of life, where ideas and concepts can be shared and explored amongst fellow lovers of photography. Working alongside the Lens Magazine publication, both iterations are looking for contributions and submissions from every corner of the globe.

Lens Magazine takes a single concept each month, and allows its contributors to delve into any ideas and emotions evoked from this theme, leading to a rich and varied selection of photographs and stories behind them. The most recent issue featured the concept of night and nightlife photography, leading to some truly incredible submissions and contributions, each and every one as beautiful and impressive as they are unique.


The official website also echoes the concept explored in each issued, with regular article contributions offering amazing advice on a range of photography techniques. This month’s issue of Night and Nightlife was made even more accessible to amateur photographers, offering tips and techniques for taking photographs at night.

Not only that, but a plethora of intriguing and insightful articles can also be found, featuring content such as interviews, features on the most influential photographers, and exhibitions of some truly wonderful contemporary photography from around the world. As the website is just in its infancy, the plans for expansion offer so much to look forward to for anyone with a passion for photography.Lens Magazine's Official Site
Anyone is welcome to submit work for the website and magazine, further cementing its status as a strong international photography brand. It doesn’t matter your background or experience in photography, all are welcome to join the expanding network of artists and photographers that are currently making contributions – a network that promised to only expand and grow further in the future.

Lens Magazine is available on many leading digital newsstands, including those found on Google Play and the App Store. A working relationship with online services, cross-platform digital magazine store and newsstand Magzter Inc has already proven to be successful for Israeli Lens Magazine, which may long continue under the new brand of Lens Magazine.

The expansion of Lens Magazine and its sister publication at lensmagazine.net has been built over the past year and a half, thanks to the hard work and dedication of all involved in the publication, alluding to a bright and promising future for all involved. This is enforced by the growing global readership of the magazine, which would not be possible without relationships with massive companies such as Magzter.
Founder and CEO of Lens Magazine, Dafna Navarro sees the truly amazing opportunities the partnership with Magzter provides. The company has a large presence in many of the world’s biggest countries, including the United States, many European countries such as Germany and France, along with many Asian nations – with plans to expand throughout the globe.

“As our main objective was to take our magazines to global readers, we needed to choose a well-established company that would help us to develop faster. We are most pleased to partner with Magzter, which gives us an amazing online exposure with its 26 million subscribers and helps us in growing our audience bases for our magazines – Lens Magazine & Art Market Magazine.” Dafna Navarro – CEO and Founder Lens Magazine and Art Market Magazine.

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