Liat Federman
Macro of Tempting Food & Nature

IMG_4001-jpg-b“Born, raised and living in Tel Aviv, the influences of the Middle Eastern cuisine with its beautiful, colorful, fresh local produce outdoor market and delicious food inspires me to take those food photos in Macro which I find makes the food appears twice as tempting…
In my eyes, the Macro method in food photography enhances the sensory impact significantly.”

Working as an interior designer for the last 20 years, everything in design, art and visual had always stimulated me.
Having a strong passion for photography, a year ago I’ve started studying at ‘’Allon Kira’s school of photography”, in no time it had taken over me completely.
With a very strong sense of esthetic, loving vibrant colors, fine proportion, sharpness of details and contrast, makes Macro photography to one of my favorite’s form of photography.
My life today evolves mainly around photography and I work in it. It is my absolute passion and my main interest and focus.
Always walking around having my camera with me, on me, looking to capture a fascinating, storytelling, and emotional moments.

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