Magda Indigo.

Mindigo-1-W-2015027 “I am a Belgian, born in Flanders, in Bruges, who happily lives in the UK with my husband, fellow photographer Paul Indigo.
Photography is a way of life for me.
We all have our preferences but if you are a good photographer who knows what he’s doing… you can do EVERYTHING? It is ALL about light, creativity, beauty and EMOTION, not only technical prowess; isn’t a perfect image without creativity or emotion just a picture?
I am a versatile photographer who does not fit into just one little box.
For many years I used the fabulous Hasselblads… However, when the new Nikon D7000 came out… I was soooo impressed with the quality that I have gradually been switching and now, no more Hasselblad with the extension tubes etc. only the Nikon, quality AS GOOD! Never thought I’d say that!”

The story begins.

I was born in Flanders, Belgium, into an artistic family; father painted, was a fantastic piano player and writer of poetry and prose.

With the grandparents on outings there was always a camera and I was allowed from a very young age to take photographs. Sadly, none survive.

Soon I discovered I had inherited the genes for writing, painting and creativity; not the musical ones though, except appreciating it.

I studied, got married and raised my three sons, forever photographing them along the journey. I grew up in the city and then in my thirties had my first garden. I devoured books and know most flowers inside out. The importance of this will recur.

As the boys grew into their teens, I had more free time and started to paint again. Reading books again, but did NOT want to be too influenced by other painters.

Acquired a Canon AE1 and a few lenses. Then for fun and ease, a Canon T80, wow, with autofocus! Not achieving the results I wanted I enrolled in a photography course in Holland, where I learned to work in the wet darkroom.

Still not satisfied I read more books but again, I did NOT want to be too influenced by other photographers.

Then Paul came into my life, a journalistic photographer. He looked at my work and liked what he saw, helping with constructive criticism; he taught me a tremendous amount.

We photographed together more and more, learning from each other and falling in love.

We also still painted, exhibited in Belgium, more and more being attracted by the world of photography.

I made some soft pastels and oil paintings, flowers on a black background. Audiences liked it.

I had some black velvet paper and always fresh flowers in our home. Tried capturing them with the camera, as you do, and…
No stopping now.

Read the full article on Israeli Lens Magazine Issue #11 Still Life Photography


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