Neomi Zehavi Goldshtein

Neomi Zehavi Goldshtein

NeomiI’m Naomi Zehavi Goldshtein, a Macro and Nature photographer for the past 6 years. Holds a BA in Film and TV from the University of Tel Aviv and now working in the high-tech industry. My love for photography began in 1991 during my studies at the University, but only 6 years ago I finally decided to take this love and turn it into a real hobby that is a big part of my life. When I bought my Canon 100L macro lens, I looked at macro photos, amazed how much we don’t know about nature and how these scary creatures, those I was trying to avoid all my life, are so beautiful and fascinating.

Macro photography exposes me to a world that is incredibly interesting, amazing and beautiful. I am fascinated by it more and more each passing day. In my macro photography, I always try to document the special moments in the life of the little creatures that we cannot see in our daily life routine. The best time to shoot macro photos is in the early morning, before the sun rises. At this time you will find the unique moments in nature. You have to be very patient and prepared to catch the action. Then you take a series of photos in different angles, different composition, trying to get the feel of the moment. The most challenging part of macro photography is to find these special moments when the bugs act.. (Eating, fighting, attacking, etc.)

For macro photography, I’m using Canon 7D with Canon 100L macro lens, sometimes I’m using extension tubes, but it’s not so necessary after you got a good hand and eye… you can crop very well your photos with good sharpens. I’m not using any flash or external light, the macro shoot looks more natural if you know how to shoot well and use the nature sun light.
My best tip for macro photographers is to learn the year seasons of each bug, and keep your ISO low and aperture around 8 to get better sharpness, depends on how much light you have. Last tip for macro beginners.. Put your money on a good macro lens! I recommend on Canon 100L macro lens.
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