Around the Kitchen Table

Noa-Sheizaf-portrait--Documentary photographer, artist and a cultural researcher.
Professional Photographer since 1997

“My work is a diary of my journey in life.
In my photography I ask questions about my role as a
Woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend and a photographer in the country I chose to live in – Israel.

For many years I worked as a maritime archeologist and an archeology photographer, So I approach every photographic project like an archeological excavation. Each frame is like a layer I have to expose in the story of the site, then putting all the layers together to create a bigger picture.”


Around the Kitchen Table
Photos by Noa Sheizaf
2002- ongoing

Our old kitchen table has been with us since my daughter Hagar was 2 years old. With a silence typical of a heavy piece of furniture, it stands there watching our lives unfold around it. It sees our daughters grow up, my husband and I grow older. A witness to our everyday life, our celebrations and sad moments, listening to us laugh and cry.
A silent witness to the life of one family.
The pictures have been taken from around 2002 to the present day and are still being taken.
Some were taken with consideration given to the frame, the light and the composition. Others are quick snapshots intended to catch an important moment.

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Hagar_Ruth_&_Me_2009 Rosh_Hashana_2009 Rosh_Hashana_table_2009 Ruth_doing_homework_2010

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