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“Que Sera, Sera”

Omri shomer was born in 1982 and was raised in Ge’a, a small village in the south of Israel. He started to take photographs at age 13, both stills and video. His love story with the camera began when his father bought an 8mm video camera, and he became obsessed with documenting everything. At the same time he took stills photos with a 35mm pocket camera too. In 2014 he married to Tamar, and today he is father to one daughter, Noam.

Omri Graduated from Camera Obscura School of Art, Galitz Photography school and Sapir college where he studied and completed an academic degree in journalism. He also attended  a workshop of David Alan harvey  in London. In addition, he is a finalist of the London Photo Festival – Street Photography Category (2017).

Omri worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies for 7 years. At one point, he began feeling as if something was missing. Through his work with his art director, he had more and more contact with visual concepts, and this, in turn, stimulated him to photograph in a more conscious fashion.  His statement is “Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be”.

“I believe that everything that is supposed to happen, happens. People don’t just stand where they stand in the street, or in life, by chance. It is not luck that makes you take a good picture, but what was supposed to happen at a particular point in time, and at a particular place, that is fate, and we need to accept it”.

“I don’t care if I’ll be the best photographer in the world, if things will happen so be it. I Just do it cause I need to, It’s like a meditation. I keep my sanity when I shoot”.  

Finally, he believes that a good street photographer can shoot streets everywhere, Because his vision will remain the same.

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