Orna Naor

Orna Naor

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1960.
As a wife and mother of two,
I made a choice early in life to put my career aside and take care of the household. I don’t regret that choice; it was the right thing for me at the time. Then 3 years ago I started learning photography and was immediately drawn to it. After the first lesson I knew there was no going back, I have found my true passion.
I learned at “Allon Kira photography school”, where now I myself teach.

Photography is my purpose. It gives me a whole new level of self-validation and acknowledgment as well as from my family and friends. As an artistic person this is the furthest I have ever gone in expressing that inherent trait. Today the camera is for me like a limb extension. I never leave home without at least one of my “babies”, as I call them. My whole day revolves around street photography – half of it used for taking pictures on varied locations from anywhere in the streets of Israel, to Morocco, Cuba, USA, and more. From normal day to day life, to special religious ceremonies, extreme life situations, special events like the annual citywide water fight in Tel-Aviv and everything in between. The other half is dedicated to uploading all those works ;)
I can honestly say that photography is as important to me as breathing, it is my being, my essence, and “photographer” is a title I will never relinquish.

I have participated and currently participate in numerous exhibitions in Israel. Right now, one of my photos is also being showcased on SWP 2015 exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

Read the full article on Israeli Lens Magazine Issue #10 Street Photography

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