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My name is Yoav Peled and I established Peled Studios, an on location studio that specializes in high-end architecture and interior design photography, three years ago.
I Studied photography and communication in Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, and graduate with Great Honors in 2012. As a photography student I found special interest in architecture photography. The mixture of space, light, geometric shapes, and color fascinated me, and by the time I was in my final year I knew that I would like to become a professional architecture photography.
Beginning as a freelance photographer is never easy, and in a limited market such as the architecture photography, finding new clients was a challenge. I knew that I need something that would distinguish me from the rest of the photographers in the field, and I came to realize that I developed my own style during post-production. I started de-saturating and whitening the walls while keeping a delicate balance between the interior and exterior lighting, which made my images have a bright and clean look.
I try to minimal my usage of external lighting since I believe that every space

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