(Born 1935 Or 1936)

633a75b25354a5651e33d99ca85a82e5_f1106Malick photographer sidibe is most noted for his black-and-white photographs of 1960s bamako. In the following decade, sidibe turned to studio portraits. His work was mostly unknown outside of mali until the late 1990s; since then, he has received the hasselblad award for photography in 2003, and the venice bienniale’s golden lion award for lifetime achievement in 2007-the first to ever be awarded to a photographer. Now in his seventies, sidibe remains productive. His reworked old portraits, with hand-drawn frames arranged in large circular clusters, were last mounted in 2005 at nyc’s jack shainman gallery.
Sidibé was born in bamako, mali. He was a peasant child who raised animals. From the age of five or six he began herding animals and working the land. When the time came he was chosen to be sent to the white school for an education. During his first year he became interested in art and by high school he was doing drawings for official events. The major admired his talent and selected him to go to the school of sudanese craftsmen in the capital bamako. It was at this school where sidibé was approached by a photographer and learned the skills which he would pursue for the rest of his life.

In 1955, he undertook an apprenticeship at gérard guillat-guignard’s photo service boutique, also known as gégé la pellicule.

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