The first time i experienced it, i was a kid .The euphoria passes through my body and brings me once again to hold the camera. That feeling is what i would like to move on to the observer.
At 15 years of age, my father gave me his old pentax camera. He developed the films, the images were mainly of sky and clouds. I appreciated the power of the scene. Power expressed in the syntax of the aesthetic elements.
I find much interest in the details of the whole and its implications in the space, beyond the subject marks.

My work is characterized by technical components and the digital processing that allows to ‹stretch› the camera›s abilities thus getting more realistic images and less photographic and often hyper- realistic ones.
With more research of the medium i realized that there are meanings to a choice made in the process and therefore as an artist i have the duty to ask questions. Sometimes the photo is the answer, often it is a byproduct of the process, and other times it is the beginning of a new question.
Photography allowed me access to art which i believe is a wide field where there is room for criticism – culturally, socially and personally.


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