Photography Magazine. Magazine Cover. Lens Magazine Documentary Photography Issue 35 PUBLISHED!
Arles 2017 full coverage on Lens Magazine Issue 34
Allan-Kliger Lens Magazine Issue 34

Allan Kliger. Emotional Moments.

Mathieu Willcocks on Lens Magazine

Jimmy Nelson. Cultural Photography.

Marco grob. The Wild Side #17

Lee Jeffries. Street Photography.

Sam Droege. Super Macro Photography.

Filip Wolak. Nightlife Photography in NYC

MIGUEL VALDIVIESO. The Big Black&White Issue #15.

BOOGIE. Life in the city. Issue #18

Brooke Shaden . Thw Wild Side #17

SIGAL MIZRAHI. Let the music play. Issue#16

Adriana Soares. Special Interview. Issue#16

Dr. Akira TAKAUE. The Big Black&White Issue#15

Paul Zizka. Night&Nightlife Photography. #14

Water Underwater. Issue #12

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Jakob Wagner. Urban Photography.

Marius Vieth. Street Photography.

Ekaterina Belinskaya. Fashion Photography.

Michal Solarski. Cultural Photography.

Mozes Nachumovich. Portrait Photography.

Ohad Romano. Fashion Photography.

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Assaf Gavra .Wildlife Photography.

About Photography

24 APRIL 2016

Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard

Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard Street Photography is more than going for a walk with your camera. It is a question of being part of the street and observing things that other people would never see. Thomas Leuthard is one of the 5 most active Street photographers, we chose to exhibit in this issue. Thomas […]

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24 APRIL 2016

City Photography By Joel Bankhead

City  Photography By Joel Bankhead Cities are truly amazing places. The dramatic collision of people and architecture gives each city a unique essence and existence. They are living, breathing places that are simultaneously busy, lonely, awake, tired, and alive. By their very nature, cities provide a varied and fascinating photography subject and in this issue […]

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24 JANUARY 2016

Fine Art Photography- The definition

Fine Art Photography- The definition   Known also as “photographic art”, “artistic photography” and so on, the term “fine art photography” has no universally agreed meaning or definition: rather, it refers to an imprecise category of photographs, created in accordance with the creative vision of the cameraman. The basic idea behind the genre, is that […]

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23 DECEMBER 2015

5 Tips For Shooting In Black&White

5 Tips For Shooting In Black&White Learn To Think In Black And White If you’re shooting in black and white, your biggest handicap is that your own eyes see in Color. Color is vibrant and therefore dominating. Being able to perfectly visualize what you are looking at in black and white can massively improve your […]

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23 DECEMBER 2015

The History Of B&W Photography

The History Of B&W Photography By BobSt.Cyr The history of black & white photography is essentially a significant part of the entire story of photography. It is the story of a relatively “new” technology that began a little over 170 years ago in Europe. However, the actual process of a projected image appearing inside a […]

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22 NOVEMBER 2015

Nightclub Photography Tips&Tricks

Nightclub Photography Tips& Tricks For most people, nightclubs mean music, dancing, drinking and above all – having a good time.No matter how good your creative eye is, taking photos inside a nightclub is one difficult challenge.Aside from the fact that you’ll be shooting in low light, you’ll also have to capture the essence of all […]

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22 NOVEMBER 2015

Tips & Tricks How to Photograph the Milky Way

Tips & Tricks How to Photograph the Milky Way By YUVAL OZ I am Yuval Oz, and I’m a landscape photographer. Unlike many other photographers who started photographing at a very young age, I started late – at the age of 30. I was on a family vacation in Eilat, I took an old Minolta camera […]

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22 NOVEMBER 2015

Tips And Techniques To Get You Started On Night Photography

Tips And Techniques  To Get You Started On  Night Photography Good pictures should leave an impact on the viewer. Most of us capture our memories with a quick click, but with longer exposures comes a slower and more meditative approach. Night photography pushes the boundaries of time and how we seize it. Photography by definition […]

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Macro Photography Is Like Magic!

Macro Photography Is Like Magic! – By Allon Kira Since I held, somewhere in early 2000, my first Olympus digital camera, I was attracted almost inexplicable to macro photography. Macro photography (by definition): An extreme close-up photography. Photo at close range … and sometimes so close until suddenly it revealed a whole new world, full […]

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WHAT IS MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY? By Yehoshua Derovan Photography is all about light. When photographers state this what they mean is that through photography we get to see the world as we know it in new light (or lack thereof). Landscapes taken at the right moment and time take your breath away, portraits that are full […]

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