Mathieu Willcocks on Lens Magazine

Jimmy Nelson. Cultural Photography.

Marco grob. The Wild Side #17

Lee Jeffries. Street Photography.

Sam Droege. Super Macro Photography.

Filip Wolak. Nightlife Photography in NYC

MIGUEL VALDIVIESO. The Big Black&White Issue #15.

BOOGIE. Life in the city. Issue #18

Brooke Shaden . Thw Wild Side #17

SIGAL MIZRAHI. Let the music play. Issue#16

Adriana Soares. Special Interview. Issue#16

Dr. Akira TAKAUE. The Big Black&White Issue#15

Paul Zizka. Night&Nightlife Photography. #14

Water Underwater. Issue #12

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Jakob Wagner. Urban Photography.

Marius Vieth. Street Photography.

Ekaterina Belinskaya. Fashion Photography.

Michal Solarski. Cultural Photography.

Mozes Nachumovich. Portrait Photography.

Ohad Romano. Fashion Photography.

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Assaf Gavra .Wildlife Photography.

About Photography

30 OCTOBER 2015

The Subgenres Of Street Photography

The Subgenres Of Street Photography By Alex Coghe From the excellent e-Book : Street Photography HUMAN IN GEOMETRY The geometry is very important in photography for the construction of composition, and street photography is no exception. Street Photography is to describe the human condition and the story can come from human figures placed in a […]

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5 MAY 2014

About Cultural Photography

“Cultural Photography”is the art of taking photos for the purpose of telling about a people or a culture. The photographs may be as simple as portraits of faces, or as common as street scenes, or as complex as the capturing of scenes that illustrate social relationships. Nothing about these kinds of images is new, of […]

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5 MAY 2014

About Street Photography

Street Photography uses the raw approach of straight photography from which derives. Street photography is unstaged photography a challenge of the photographer with himself, an attitude, A state of mind. Street photography is A reflection of everyday life through the eye of a photographer able to document the ordinary capturing the decisive Moment, or what […]

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