From a young age, I was drawn to the visual and artistic world.
Since I can remember I loved to paint structures, landscapes, portraits and anything you can get on paper.
Later, I had learned architecture and arts, but my real passion was photography.
After my trip to India, where I was exposed to breathtaking landscapes, remarkable structures and unforgettable moments, I had decided to formalize my love to the world of photography.
I graduated from “Camera Obscura” Photography School and opened my studio, which specializes in architectural and product photography.
One of the most interesting architectural objects I had captured is a door. Capturing this flat, simple and two-dimensional barrier is very challenging.
To capture the beauty of a door, one must find the accurate lightning and perspectives which emphasize the uniqueness of the door and the way it interacts with the space.

Photography: Hen Berkoviz Photographer
Doors: Etz yarok, Israel

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