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Los Angeles-based photographer Mark Edward Harris is the recipient of numerous awards including a CLIO Award for advertising photography,
An Aurora Gold Award for commercial directing and an ACE Award for directing and producing a video for television. In the spring of 1998 Abbeville Press published Mark’s book “Faces of the Twentieth Century: Master Photographers and Their Work” recording in both words and pictures many of the great names in photography.

In March of 1999, the book won the prestigious New York Book Show “Photography Book of the Year” and “Best of Show” awards. Mark’s book “The Way of the Japanese Bath” winner of a Premier Print Award, was published in February 2003 to coincide with a touring exhibition. His third book “Mark Edward Harris: Wanderlust” was released in 2004. Images in that book led to Mark being named “Photographer of the Year” at the 2004 Black + White Spider Awards and the book itself being named the people/photography book of the year at the 2005 International Photography Awards. “Domicilium Decoratus” (Harper/Collins), collaboration with award-winning interior designer Kelly Wearstler, was released in 2006.
In 2008 Chronicle Books published “Inside Iran.” In 2009 a revised and expanded edition of The Way of the Japanese Bath was released.
The book was selected as one of PDN’s photo books of the year in 2010 as well as an IPA award. In 2013 his first book on South Korea and his second book on North Korea were released with a book tour including stops at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, the Korea Society in New York, and the Newseum in Washington, DC. “North Korea” was named “Photography Book of the Year” at the International Photography Awards. Harris shares his photographic knowledge through teaching photography workshops around the globe.

Dear Mark, this is such an hunor to Interview you, please tell us about yourself,
“My love of travel and photography began with family road trips across the US. My dad would let me be part of our little film crew using an 8-millimeter movie camera and a 35mm Konica for stills.
I started taking photography at California State University, Northridge while I was earning a Bachelor’s in History. I continued on at California State University, Los Angeles with a Master of Arts Degree in Pictorial/Documentary History.”

How did you develop your style?
“I started my professional photography career doing the stills for the Merv Griffin Show and various television and movie companies. When the show ended in 1986 I set off on a four-month trek across the Pacific and throughout Southeast Asia, China and Japan to build a portfolio of the type of photography I was most drawn to, documentary photography.”
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