Yaniv Druker

” But tell me, what would happen if one of you had the fortune to look upon essential beauty entire, pure and unalloyed; not infected with the flesh and color of humanity, and ever so much more of mortal trash? What if he could behold the divine beauty itself, in its unique form?

Do you call it a pitiful life for a man to lead—looking that way, observing that vision by the proper means, and having it ever with him? Do but consider,’ she said, ‘that there only will it befall him, as he sees the beautiful through that which makes it visible, to breed not illusions but true examples of virtue, since his contact is not with illusion but with truth. So when he has begotten a true virtue and has reared it up he is destined to win the friendship of Heaven; he, above all men, is immortal.”

Plato, Symposium

My work takes place in the center of the studio in which I create a hermetic space to create images that stem from internal insight. The studio is a space not only for me but also for the experiences from which I take my inspiration. I do this when I meet the characters and the faces that become a type of reflection of impulses, urges and thoughts that I strive to express. In the same space, there is a state of blurring reality and imagination, and a parallel reality is created that becomes the basis of my work as an artist. Photography for me is a process of association without any preliminary planning, so that many of the ideas that are formed from my interaction with the human beings i meet.

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