Interview With AVIV KURT

Interview With AVIV KURT

Aviv-KurtAviv Kurt, a graduate of the Product Design Department at “Shenkar” and “studio” photography school. Do photography products, food and jewelry, photo studio, Architecture photography, Business Identity photographs, aerial photography, photojournalism and public relations, portraits and catalogs.
Today, with 20 years of experience in the photographic industry, he provides his customers an interesting viewpoint, original and unique to each project, with a focus on marketing and increasing sales.


“… My goal is to first identify what the real need of the customer, wrap it in the knowledge that he needs, give him the most accurate solution to produce clearly with his expert advice …”

In the Beginning:
The story starts with my journey around the world, where I caught the bug. I shot a lot, I’ve posted pictures from my Journey “Masa Aher” and in a photography book “exposure”. I studied photography at the College of Art “studio” and I majored in industrial design at Shenkar which contributed to me a lot.
In Parallel way, in order to make a living I worked in agriculture and carpentry, I worked in the family business and produces cotton harvest garden furniture and swings the seat of our carpentry shop.

How did you find yourself in photography, after four years of studying industrial design?
I went to study industrial design at Shenkar that I’ve always loved to research products, interested me the ergonomics of the product, how to produce it, material and form. I enjoyed school very much and I’m still interested in it. When I graduated, I opened a design studio and quickly realized projects are detained and sometimes canceled, due to procrastination or budgets, and I cannot be bothered to see immediate results, and in some cases work is done in vain.

All my life I photograph my own pleasure and never stopped. I did not want to film events, despite the thrill of working with people, working hours in the evening did not suit me. At that time, a friend asked me if I could take pictures of a winery for some client and a publication designer asked me to shoot a project she designed. I responded to the challenges, and the results impressed me very much. I realized that I had a talent for shooting interior design and designed spaces, I realized I was in the right place.

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