BOOGIE. Life in the city. Issue #18

Brooke Shaden . Thw Wild Side #17

Marco grob. The Wild Side #17

SIGAL MIZRAHI. Let the music play. Issue#16

Adriana Soares. Special Interview. Issue#16

MIGUEL VALDIVIESO. The Big Black&White Issue #15.

Dr. Akira TAKAUE. The Big Black&White Issue#15

Paul Zizka. Night&Nightlife Photography. #14

Filip Wolak. Nightlife Photography in NYC

Israeli Lens Magazine Issue

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Sam Droege. Super Macro Photography.

Jimmy Nelson. Cultural Photography.

Jakob Wagner. Urban Photography.

Marius Vieth. Street Photography.

Ekaterina Belinskaya. Fashion Photography.

Michal Solarski. Cultural Photography.

Mozes Nachumovich. Portrait Photography.

Ohad Romano. Fashion Photography.

Lior Yaakobi. Landscapes Photography.

Assaf Gavra .Wildlife Photography.

Lee Jeffries. Street Photography.

Lens Magazine. leading photography magazine.


Issue 24 Celebration of two years publishing


  • Exclusive Interview with Cristina Mittermeier

    Exclusive Interview with Cristina  Mittermeier Photographer, writer and conservationist Cristina Mittermeier uses her camera to document the intersection of wild nature and humans. She’s been recognized as one of the World’s 40 Most Influential Outdoor Photographers, published and edited

  • 5Top Most Influential Active Urban & Street Photographers- BOOGIE

    5Top Most Influential Active Urban & Street Photographers- BOOGIE The Darkest Aspects Of Street Culture All photos were taken between  2003-2006 in BedStuy, Bushwick and Queensbridge, which are considered to be some of the roughest neighborhoods in NYC. Vladimir


  • 8 Tips&Tricks for Seascapes photography

    8 Tips&Tricks for Seascapes photography 1. Timing It sounds cliche but timing is everything. Especially when seeking to photograph beautiful seascapes. Sure, you’ve heard about the importance of timing in other genres of photography, but seascape photography is time-sensitive

  • Useful Equipment for Seascapes Photography

    Useful Equipment for Seascapes Photography Seascapes are about sky, water, the physical dynamics of the points at which they meet, reflections and mirror imaging and most of all, the unique qualities of moisture-filtered light that one can only find



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