Black&White Photography

Allan Kliger on Lens Magazine
19 JULY 2017


EMOTIONAL MOMENTS by Allan Kliger “Emotion – We all know what emotion is, don’t we? Or rather, we know what it looks like when we see it in someone else, and we know what it is when feeling it ourselves. There it is. That word. Feeling. It’s inextricably tied to emotion, to the emotive state. […]

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Amy Touchette, Interview on Lens Magazine Issue 33
22 JUNE 2017

An Interview with Amy Touchette

An Interview with Amy Touchette by Catalin CROITORU Hello, Amy Touchette! And thank you for accepting to share your thoughts with LENS MAGAZINE! My pleasure. Thank you for having me! You are a reputable photographer from New York City. Your “playground” is the streets of the metropolis. Please tell us how everything started. Well, it […]

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Nicola Davison-Reed on Lens Magazine 33
17 JUNE 2017

Exclusive Interview with Nicola Davison-Reed

Exclusive Interview with Nicola Davison-Reed By Anne Pinto-Rodrigues Nicola Davison-Reed is a UK-based photographer with a natural light studio in the Robin Hood county of Nottinghamshire. Nicola shoots portraiture, conceptual, street and weddings; predominantly in black & white. She photographs with two Canons and tends to use homemade backdrops and a bed sheet. Everything she […]

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25 MAY 2017

HOME By Mossi Armon

HOME By Mossi Armon Home is perhaps the most basic thing in our lives, yet it is an abstract concept with various feelings and sentiments involved: Feeling at home, longing for home, memories from home, a taste of home and so many more. For some people their home is their castle, for others a temporary […]

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24 MAY 2017

House of Fantasies by Omri Shomer

House of Fantasies by Omri Shomer “Come on, you have to come”, said Elad Poterman, chief producer and a member of RD&D games in Israel. “It’s unlike anything you knew”. Elad is responsible for the Live Action Role Playing (LARP) event, called “Castle Forged”, where people in a wide range of ages live in fantasy, […]

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22 MAY 2017


WELCOME HOME By Sebi Berens “When you are in, it’s hard to get out. And everything will change, rapidly and strictly. In a country in the heart of Europe, one of the strongest economic powers in the world, a symbol for richness and wealth, people are passing each other with no attention to their environment. […]

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18 MAY 2017

HOME by Allan Kliger

HOME by Allan Kliger “It was May, 2014. A Magnum Agency workshop in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with Magnum photographer Abbas leading. As part of Fotografia Europea 2014, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia had invited several Magnum Master Photographers to participate in a series of activities, presentations and workshops. I was one of those selected to […]

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24 DECEMBER 2015

Amy Kanka Valadarsky

Amy Kanka Valadarsky “Misthaven” “We see what we know until we know who we are, then we see what we feel.” — Ernst Haas Shot in Israel and United States (Los Angeles), 2014-2015 Model: Larva “ Elsa: What do we even know about this Misthaven? How come I’ve never heard of it? Kristoff: You might […]

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24 DECEMBER 2015

URI RUBINSTEIN. Performance Photographer

URI RUBINSTEIN Performance Photographer My name is Uri Rubinstein, I am a veteran stage lighting designer in Israel who has worked on hundreds of theater and dance performances. In the past few years more and more of my time is spent as a performance photographer. I originally picked up a camera with the purpose of […]

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24 DECEMBER 2015

GILI YAARI. Tokyo Underground

GILI YAARI Tokyo Underground In Transit: Tokyo, 2015 Tokyo, one of the busiest cities in the world, has its own rhythm. It feels like a huge endless human stream. It feels in Tokyo like people are always on the move, in transit, entering a transitional state in between the things they do in their life. […]

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